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Programme of Meetings 2022-2023 season

Most meetings are held online using the Zoom app, on alternate weeks from September to May, on Friday evenings on Friday on Friday evenings at 7:45 for 8:00pm.

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September 2022



The Wildlife and Work of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Glyn Edmunds

This copiously illustrated wildlife talk shows many of the different species of animals and birds in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Now a trailblazer of conservation innova­tion, the story of Ol Pejeta is as enchanting as it is inspirational. Today it is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, home to two of the world’s last remaining northern white rhinos, and the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees, in a sanctuary working to rehabilitate animals rescued from the black market.



Recreating History Through the Lens: a guide to Heritage Photography

Lee Chapman

How to set up and recreate historic scenes using heritage venues, reenactors and props to make realistic-looking compositions. Lee has held workshops at major tourist attrac­tions including the RAF Museum and the Severn Valley Railway, working with living history groups to recreate iconic images. His presentation shares the stories behind them.

October 2022


Club competition No 1: open PDI¹

Judge: Dave Hipperson


 monday  inter-club competition

8-way Print battle v Barnet & Finchley, Edmonton, Enfield, Hoddesdon, Muswell Hill, Southgate, and Walthamstow, hosted by Edmonton CC.

Judge: Tom Peck LRPS CPAGB



Seascapes and Birds

Rory O'Connor AIPF AFIAP

Rory is a Seascape and Nature photographer based in Co. Cork in Ireland. “The sea can be a place of many things”, he says, “and that's what makes it so interesting to photograph. The variation in colour, motion and reflec­tions from one shoot to the next is what makes me want to go back to these locations again and again.”

November 2022


technical challenge

Polyptychs and Shadows

A competition for multi-image images – triptychs, quadriptychs or more.
Plus a Set Subject competition on the topic of ‘Shadows’.

Judge: Penny Reeves


 monday  inter-club competition

4-way Print and PDI battle v Welwyn Garden City, Letchworth and Stevenage; hosted by Stevenage.


practical evening

Painting with Light

A practical session at our hall in Hertford; an opportunity to bring along your cameras and produce some creative images. The evening will be led by Robert Snarey.



The Camera Doesn’t Lie (but photographers do)

Graham Dean

A brief history of photographic manipulation from Victorian times to the present, followed by a presentation of some of Graham's own manipulated images.

December 2022



The Landscape from Above

Andrew Evans LRPS

Andrew has been a photographer and commercial hot air balloon pilot for over 30 years, and now runs a professional drone photography business. His talk gives a unique insight into this colourful and sometimes challenging world, with an introduction to drone photography which is allowing photographers to capture the world as never before. A unique mix of practical background and tales from around the world.


The Bob MacKay Trophy

The Projected Image of the Year Competition, 2021-2022. Submissions by invitation of the Competition Secretary, based on the scores gained in last season's competitions.

Judge: Tom Peck LRPS CPAGB


no meeting


no meeting

January 2023



Touching the Light


Ken's photography developed in the mountains of the UK, where he taught himself to respond to the rhythms of the light and the land, working instinctively and intuitively with simple cameras. Over nearly 40 years he's discovered that if he experiences a place fully then meaningful photographs will follow – his own brand of mountain light photography became “Touching the Light”. In this landmark presentation he shares principles and stories for being in the landscape and becoming attuned to the light.


Club competition No 2: open PDI¹

Judge: Tony Bramley FRPS

February 2023



Architecture and Interiors

Nigel Forster

Nigel is a professional architectural photographer combining his camera skills with an understanding of landscape and urban design. In this talk he reveals some of the secrets to achieving first class shots.



The Inner Landscape

Andy Phillips

Andy is a professional photographer who also teaches photography and post proces­sing. This is a presentation concerning 'Still life' with a difference. His still life images are illuminated just by carefully controlled natural light, and for very little expense too! It's a journey from simple set ups through to more elaborate schemes.

March 2023


Club competition No 3: open PDI¹

Judge: Kathy Chantler



Self Drive Namibia

Ric Gillams

In 2019 Ric hired a truck with tents on the roof and drove around a large part of Namibia. Visiting the sand dunes in the South, Spitzkoppe and Cape Cross, and finishing in Etosha National Park, the journey covered stunning landscapes and the rich diversity of wildlife. The vast space and wilderness of Namibia provides incredible views and beautiful night skies.



The Hashemite Kingdom

Richard O'Brien

A photographic journey through the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, starting in the north in the capital, Amman, before heading east to the desert castles. Then southwest to Madaba and the Christian holy site of Mount Nebo, before turning south to the ancient Nabatean sites of Petra and Little Petra. Finally the desert of Wadi Rum to end on the narrow strip of coast at the resort city of Aqaba.

April 2023


Club competition No 4: open PDI¹

Judge: Ben Pike


inter-club competition

2-way PDI battle v Southgate, at St John's Hall, SG13 8AF postponed to 5 May, online

Judge: Marilyn Steward, ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*


 wednesday  inter-club competition

3-way ‘Mix and Match’ battle v Hoddesdon and  Ware, hosted by Ware.

Judge: Pauline Martindale



Abstracts and Impressions

Andy Page

Andy enjoys making photography-based images inspired by the natural scenery of the UK. A graphic designer by profession he uses the creative process of both disciplines to create creative landscapes, abstracts and impressions.

May 2023


inter-club competition

2-way PDI battle v Southgate originally planned for 21 April

Judge: Marilyn Steward, ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*



North Norfolk – a Landscape Guide

Graham Dunn

A visual tour of the stunning landscapes of North Norfolk. While guiding us through the delightful scenery, Graham will share his landscape photography methods, tips and techniques and drop in a few historical and geographical facts – an informative and image-packed presentation!



followed by

Set Subject Competition: ‘Three’

Judge: Nick Akers ARPS BPE3* change of judge

June 2023


CLUB DINNER date change

regular comps
other comps
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¹ Competition entries are due the week before each competition.

² The dates of weekend outings may change if weather conditions dictate.

d Projected Digital Images evening.

p Print evening.

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