Hertford and District Camera Club


Like most camera clubs we hold competi­tions throughout the season, with the aim of encouraging members to produce new images, and to learn from the comments and constructive criticism of expert visiting judges. Members can enter in either the General or the Advanced sections, and for prints there are categories for Colour and Monochrome. Almost all prints in the club are now produced digitally, but darkroom workers are of course equally welcome.

A mark is awarded to each competition entry, to add a little spice to the occasion, though we try not to take the competitive aspects too seriously – it's from the judge's comments, and the help of our fellow members, that our photography improves! There are, though, some Competition Rules [available in the Members' Area] to try to keep everything in order. At the end of the season, trophies are awarded to Members with the highest total marks in each section:

Advanced Class awards
The Dennis Cup
monochrome prints
The Thompson Tankard
colour prints
The Horlington Cup
projected digital images
General Class awards
The Inglis Cup
monochrome prints
The Bluecoat Cup
colour prints
The Kitching Cup
projected digital images
For members, the season's results are available in the Members' Area

Special competition in 2012: The Hertford Competition for new photos of Hertford.

During the year, in addition to the point-scoring competitions above, members may also compete for the following trophies:

The Bob MacKay Trophy
Projected Image of the Year Competition. Submissions by invitation of the Competition Secretary, based on scores gained in the previous season.

The Malcolm Unwin Trophy
Annual Projected Digital Image Knock-Out Competition. Up to three images which have not been entered in this competition before.

The Colorscope Trophy
The Small Print Competition. Up to three prints, each with a maximum area of 300 square cm.

The Elsden Trophy
Photographs of Hertford. A set of up to six digital images, preferably including people as this provides better archive material for the museum. Any number of entries. To be given to the Hertford Museum archive after the competition. Photos to have been taken during the previous two years.

The Merlin Trophy
The Set Subject Competition. Up to three prints and/or digital images. The subject is chosen by the Competition judge.

The Hertfordshire Trophy
Prints and/or slides of Hertfordshire and/or its people. Prints to be mounted on card 40x50cm. Any number of entries.

The John Wiseman Progress Shield  
To be awarded to the member who has made the most progress during the year, in the opinion of the Committee.