Informal Hertford Competition 2012 – Win £25!

Following our enjoyable and informative guided walk around Hertford with Cllr. Peter Ruffles on Sunday 1 July – part of our 2012 Summer Events programme – Peter has very kindly proposed an informal competition for HDCC members. The competition is for NEW photos (taken between 1 July and 15 October 2012), and is based around three Hertford-related topics:

  1. Hertford Vernacular and Antiquities
    Examples of "organic" growth (i.e. before planing controls), chimney stacks, dormer windows (a particular feature of Hertford), other decorative features (buildings, not flowers!).
  2. County Town Classic Qualities
    Perhaps a new angle on an iconic feature? (e.g. Shire Hall, County Hall, the War Memorial, etc) or something from the town's staple industry (brewing).
  3. Hertford as a Confluence Town
    Is very much about "water" and the confluence of the 4 rivers that pass through the town. Themes such as transportation (barges, etc.), tourism (the canals & waterways) or ecology were suggested.

Peter will judge the competition himself and select a winner in each category, then place the three winners in his favourite order. Prizes of £25, £15 and £10 will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Peter has described this as a "no real rules" competition, so aside from the themes you have free reign. However his decision is final! [The only real rule is that entrants must be paid-up Club members].

Judging will take place at the Club evening on 2 November. To get an idea of the number of images to be presented to Peter we will be asking members to complete an entry form no later than the meeting on 26 October, detailing the image format (DPI or print), a title and which of the three categories each entry is being submitted under. We have stipulated that there are “no real rules” but for practical purposes we suggest:

  • You may enter colour and/or monochrome prints and/or digital projected images in each of the three categories.
  • Your prints can be any size, although we recommend not exceeding the usual 40x50cm format for the purely practical reason that they wouldn’t fit the display stands!
  • You may enter as many images as you wish, although again for practical reasons we may need to limit the overall total. If we have more images than we can reasonably handle on the evening, then we may need to ‘pull’ some images on the night, so please list your entries in your preferred priority.

Prints can be brought on the evening; digital images should be submitted to the Projected Competition Secretary at least two days before this so that he has time to load them onto the Club's laptop.

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